For growing a business I wouldn't suggest a home use machine... ever. There are a couple reasons actually. First off when you do grow there comes a time to upgrade no matter what machine you're using and industrial machines resell better than home use. Second reason is if you are planning on sewing anything many times you can dial in sewing aides on an industrial to ensure repeatability and guarantee results using seam guides (powered or passive), folders, binders or even programmable fabric guides (best on high volume). The shear number of styles of industrial machines doesn't mean you need all of them. I'd be willing to bet most cottage industries could do well right now with a standard straight stitcher like a juki ddl 5550 or 8700.

I do admire anyone who quotes Enzo Ferrari as he's a hero of mine. As it applies to sewing machines I would say with no hesitation an industrial is more efficient at power transmission and they do it at higher speeds. Most of the benefits of industrial machines however do not come from power but ease of use whether it be from larger bobbins, knee lifters, automatic back tack, thread trimmers, waste chutes, fabric pullers....I can go on for quite a while but I better stop.