Been out in todays cold 37 rainy and windy weather messing around with and idea.
I love using this small BlackCat Tarp and have been looking to extend its range in nasty weather. This RainWrap fron ULA is 3 ozs. and I have been taking it on trips with me and find it really versatile. It works as my back-up groundcloth, rain skirt, sit upon cloth. I may try to rig it as a quickie weather shield but as it is waterproof non-breathable I will test that some first.
Small Tarp w: RainWrap.jpg
The idea is to block sudden wind from the side. It is proving to be effective... so far. Have to see how well it holds and will more that likely add some more tie-outs to it. Using a couple of extra tarp tension lines to attach to tarp.
Tarp:Rainwrap detail.jpg
May sleep out tonight as the high 20's are expected with rain and wind. I LOVE it!!
Have the tarp partially closed so it seems pretty less wind-less in side. Gonna fix my hammock and hang it back in and at least have a snooze/read in it today.
Tarp:Rainwrap Inside.jpg