Hey Doctari, Scott and Chickadee. Glad you all made it home safe and sound. That was one hell of an experience. It reminded me that no matter what you plan for, something else can and will happen. The last time I have been in white out conditions like that was when I lived in Colorado. Shortly after you guys got on the road Friday, we managed to get some fairly well established packed down trails in camp and it kind of resembled an ant colony. I went back to where we started off for the wise shelter and took an "after" picture of the field with the warning sign in it and will post it for you once I get it uploaded. Friday night and all day Saturday were beautiful and folks continued to show up through late Saturday. The raffle ended up clearing $800 more than needed to pay the park fees and will go to the park. Early this morning (about 2:30) we got hit again with really high winds and after trying to go back to sleep for an hour, I finally gave up. I packed it in at about 4am and started my 6 hour trek home. Fun was had by all and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Thanks WV for lending me those gators, my trip would have been much different without them and Doctari, your eggs were the highlight of the evening on Friday.