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    Exclamation Some Feedback and Suggestions

    Here's some feedback and suggestions for this site:

    How about the site moderators treat their members with a little respect for dissenting opinions. It seems to me that any view that is contrary to your own is just not tolerated, period. even if it is done in a way that is within the site's TOS, and in an attempt to make the site better.

    So let me ask the mods this; Just how am I supposed to know what falls foul of your whims, likes and dislikes if it's not posted anywhere? How am I supposed to stay within the bounds if you don't clearly define them? As an example, a few months ago I posted a thread about a DIY alcohol stove in the DIY section. It was moved without any notification as to why or what I had violated in the TOS. After some further inquiry by me and a comment from a helpful forum member, I was able to find the moved thread. The irritating thing about the whole incident was that within hours of me posting the alcohol stove thread and it being moved, another forum member posted about another (non-DIY) alcohol stove and it stayed. What gives?

    I am, and have been a part of many forums as diverse as ADVRider to XDA Forums, and I can say without a doubt that this forum is the absolute worst I have ever been apart of on how it moderates its members. I just took a look at Just Jeff's public page and three of the messages in the first two pages were from people who had threads moved or removed with no explanation why. Really? is it that hard? The moderators here act like this forum has a million members to wrangle. The truth is, this forum is small, but you chose to run it like your own private club, exclusionary not inclusionary monitoring every post for signs that someone might actually show a little feeling beyond happy-shiny-everything-is-rainbows-and-sugar-plumbs.

    I have read time and again that the moderation and intent of mods is to keep the site focused on hammocks. That may be the case, but what you end up with when you moderate like you do is a wiki, not a forum. Your limiting interaction between members, and slamming every post that is perceived to be "not directly hammock related" only limits forum members from using these forums as forums and not just a wiki site to go to and glean information from.
    Personally, I've learned all from that I choose to from the very limited scope of these forums and find myself irritated at the narrow-minded moderators of what could be an exceptional gathering place for a great way to make my life easier.

    From past experience, I'm sure this thread will be removed shortly after one of the more draconian moderators read it, and any seeds of dissension that it might sew in the minds of the general population will be swiftly dealt with. I do hope however that this will make the round of the moderators in their private circles, and just perhaps make them realize that there is a growing ire among many of the forum members about just how they are treated.

    I for one will be moving on from this site in search of a place where I feel more welcome and am able to express an opinion without being chastised for it. No hard feelings, this just isn't a place where I want to be. Good luck, and I hope you can treat your current members better than you treated me.

    And by the way; Feedback comes in both positive and negative, so this is feedback, and it was posted in the appropriate forum, and it meets everything in the TOS.
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