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Just a general bridge question; how do they compare to say a BB for side sleepers? I tend to sleep on my side but with one leg bent, pushing me slightly onto my stomach. I can manage this ok in the BB but without much room for movement.


I received my RR recently directly from Brandon at our group hang here in Colorado. First off he just let me try it out along with the Lynx Winter full length UQ for the night to see how I liked it. I am a stomach sleeper at home in my bed. As soon as I laid down on it I was right at home. It amazed me how I could lay on my side or then even roll over on my stomach and be very comfortable. I have always used my Blackbird before and liked it just fine, but have now found my new best friend for hammock camping. With the spreader bars there is no shoulder pinch what so ever. The stowage pockets on both sides and the head are pure genius. The night I slept in it I put the bug net up just to hold my top quilt inside because it is so flat that it wants to flop off the edge and isn't cradled inside like in the Blackbird. This being my first Bridge Hammock it takes a little getting used to the balancing act when sitting up. Laying down is very very stable. Oh and before I forget the Lynx Winter full length UQ that Brandon let me use was my first time using an UQ instead of a Minicell pad. It dropped down to 11 degrees that night and I was amazingly warm. I will never go back to pads. Needless to say the RR and the Lynx both went home with me the next day. For those of you who have never gotten the opportunity to meet Brandon he is an incredibly down to earth laid back as well as knowledgeable about all the gear. How many companies out there would hand out new equipment to just try out? Yep he is an all around very cool guy.