Although the location of my site at the Hot Springs, NC, hang probably qualified as a solo hang, I decided that I wanted to do a solo hang at Burrell's Ford Campground on the Chattooga river. I can't hike like some of you can, so walking in to the campground was just the right amount of walk for me with a pack. On a Thursday night the place was empty. I did hear evidence of people a ways off, but only saw one person go by. There was supposed to be an 80% chance of rain but I figured since I have a circus tent-sized tarp I would be O.K. There was a nice hanging spot right below me on the bank of the river but I was afraid the water would rise if we had heavy rains, so I set up higher.

I've definately got to get a sling shot to be able to hang my food. It took 4 tries to get my rope up and over! My Sawyer Sqeeze set up as an in-line filter worked perfectly. It filtered amazingly fast. No bear or critter encounters.

I did get cold at about 4:00a.m. and I shouldn't have. With the top and bottom quilts I should have been fine, plus I was sleeping in fleece top and bottoms. It wasn't a cold butt kind of thing, just an all over type of chill. I wish I knew what the low was that night, but my thermomator is currently misplaced.

Anyway, I had a wonderfully relaxing night, lulled to sleep by the river. The picture isn't great, but, as you say, "pics or it didn't happen."