Hey guys!

Found this site from Shug's videos - couldn't stop watching them & ended up watching all 9 parts.

I've been tent camping for a few years now on the AT here in Jersey, PA, and NY and haven't had too many issues. My buddy and I have been thinking of getting hammocks instead just due to how rocky the terrain here is and hammocks just look more comfortable. I've been thinking of going with the Hennessy Hammocks (ultralight) but then started reading about the Warbonnets and am now torn.

We've been backpacking for a while now but I do not consider myself an expert by any means. Most of my equipment is store bought and I enjoy that predictability. With that said, I like how the Hennessy comes as one main package including the fly, tent, and snakeskin whereas the Warbonnet looks a bit more complex but has great features like the foot area and the shelf.

Also, what would you guys recommend - side zip or bottom entry?

Thanks in advance and it's great to "meet" you guys!