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Thread: my first winter

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    my first winter

    its gettin colder... and this will be my first winter season as a hanger. Last trip out was spent at 4800' atop a shelf near a 30 vertical feet deep narrow canyon. (powers spring, galiuro mtns)
    Nighttime low was recorded at 33 and I was toasty warm in my 2/3 uq with reflectix under the legs, and a nice thick tq. I was most happy to note that my 14oz UQ did an awesome job, and at one point I was sweating. I wore a Montbell ul inner vest over a t-shirt and some nylon hiking pants with wool running socks. A light beanie over the ears.
    For the record, no tarp was used but wind was calm. I was very impressed and am happy to note that I feel the UQ will work down to 25 not including a ccf pad which might take me into the mid teens. I would have been fine without the down vest, and it seems a tarp would have held in a bit of heat as well. Anyways, Im going out next 2 weeks to do a loop in the Supes and i'll expect (from experience) the area I'll be camping in (Angel Basin) to be in the low low 30's. Which can only mean one thing... more gear testing! Yippee!
    my first winter is going to be great!
    thanks to all the vets with tons of tips that ive learned over the past several months.

    down in the canyon was around 27-28 (and the reason for not camping down there!) Next morning I went down to filter some water and saw this doe who couldnt care less what I was doing. She was a mere 15 feet away and posed for several shots. Bear scat all over the 19 mile loop and although didnt see one there was signs of torn up trees, and holes dug under roots. Also there are strange raccoon like mammals called coatimundi (ko-ahtee mun-dee) but i didnt see any of those either. Fall colors are finally starting to bloom in this part of the world (dead last, i know) and I took my first "fall color" shots to date. Nice views from the Kennedy Peak summit @ 7456'.
    Powers Garden has familiar old west history, shootouts, cattle rustlin' and horse thievin' to name a few. The little cabins are part of what were once a farmland homestead in the valley of Rattlesnake canyon.
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    Good report and picture!

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    awesome picture 4 years ago about this same time i made it up in my mind i was going to be a 4 season big deal,all i used was a gear listed below

    my winter hammock gear 2004
    1.jrb 8x8 tarp
    2.a non asym hennessey ultra lite hammock duofoam sleep pad
    4.speer 30 degree quilt

    and it all worked wellneo
    the matrix has you

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