I got a WBBB for my birthday and while it is a great hammock, I am disappointed in the suspension. It has the two triangles and as I am sure most of you are aware, these are easy to tighten, but difficult to loosen, especially one handed. I previously used a Hennessy as well as a DIY hammock that used whoopie slings and marlin spikes on Harbor Freight tie-down straps. I was unhappy with these as well because once the hammock had been loaded, the sling lodged itself underneath the knot on the strap and couldn't be adjusted without pulling it free. I was considering reversing the whoopie sling, so that the adjustable end went through a carabiner or a descender ring or a continuous loop or something and the fixed loop went over the hitch. Has anyone tried that? I am also considering getting a couple of pairs of descender rings and feeding the WBBB straps through that. It seems like that should be easier to adjust than the two triangles. True, you have to add a slippery half hitch to secure it, but I am comfortable with knots. I believe there is also a cinch buckle for sale somewhere. How does that compare?