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    Yes, with the North American (NA) model you enjoy (or are stuck with) the "weather shield", which like the bug net has a serious duty #5 3 1/2- sided zipper. That WS adds 6 ounces more, iirc. The latest Clark Tropical sheds 2 (very lightweight) outer saddlebags... errr pockets... and lacks the weather-shield and its zipper. It is 9 ounces lighter than the NA without being larger. The attached carrying bag on all Clarks weighs about 1.5 oz. But, you can stuff a 3-season UQ in it.

    If you are new to this, you may be more receptive to some other lightweight junglehammocks, like the WBBB, than I became. To explain:

    I didn't find the Clark or the stretchy Nano 7 that comfortable, initially. Many find this true of hammocks. Then I spent 11 months, nightly, in a Clark. Its relatively stiff feel came to be what I expected of a hammock, and I looked forward to sleep in it. (I don't know that you will find in archives here or elsewhere exactly the weight of the Clark bottom fabric, but Clark claims over 2oz.) After that training, another fine junglehammock, the WBBB 1.7, felt stretchy, and I passed it along.
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