I have neither been on HF much lately nor have I hung in a while. I really needed to get out so a neighbor and I took our daughters for a little dad and daughter time. The girls - Kurd and Rat - did really well on the hike despite moaning "are we there yet?" and "how much farther?". Z (Rat's dad) and I humped way too much food for the four of us and the heavens opened up about 2 hours ago. Kurd and Rat are tent-bound while Z and I are lounging in hammocks. Z is using my WBBB and immediately commented on its comfort. He's Usig my incubator and a sleeping bag and my Superfly. I'm in my DIY 1.1 nylon with dynaglide whoopies that Lazy River Road along with my Te-Wa UQ, Burrow and my MacCat Standard in Spinn. We're all dry but we'll see how the night goes.
Good to be back on HF with some regularity.