It's time to thin the closet some more...


MacCat Micro clone, sewn by me, one piece purple 1.1 sil with black/white Spectra grid corner and ridge reinforcements, bar tacked tie outs.
10' by 5.5', caternary cut sides, 9 oz. Used one night, construction is very clean and professional. $55.00 shipped lower 48.

MacCat Standard clone, sewn by me, black 1.1 sil with black/white spectra grid corner and ridge reinforcements, bar tacked tie outs. 10'x7', caternary cut sides and ridge, 11.5 oz. Seam sealed, used 3 nights, construction is clean and professional. 75.00 shipped lower 48.

Hennessey hex tarp, set up never slept under. Green 1.9 PU coated, 11x12, this tarp feels HUGE! 50.00 shipped lower 48.

Hennessey expedition stock asym tarp, 70d PU coated, 25.00 shipped lower 48.

1.9 Olive ripstop NETLESS Hennessey style asym hammock, sewn by me. Dimensions and tie out spacing are identical to HH so any UQ's etc that fit HH will fit this. Complete with ring buckles. Used only for a few naps. 50.00 shipped lower 48.


RayWay kit backpack, sewn by me, with 3/4" webbing hipbelt added and grosgrain loops for attaching bungee on front pocket for sleeping pad, etc. Green body, black backpanel and grey extension collar. 8.5 oz, used by my wife on one 3 day weekend in great condition. 60.00 shipped.

Littlbug Junior stainless woodstove, 5 oz, also includes all stainless tray and cable setup for use as hanging stove (hanging set up made by me with professional crimping tools). Used once in yard and once at trail days last year. 50.00 shipped lower 48.