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    Question about attaching an underquilt

    I've all but finished Jeff's DIY Red River Gorge Quilt guide, and I'm a little uncertain how to attach it to the hammock.

    From the picture, it looks like I'm supposed take a string attached to a hoop on each of the four corners of the under quilt, and attach it via some kind of Prusik knot or cord lock that's on the ridge line.

    Or maybe hook the two loops on bottom and top respectively with a small carabiner, then take one string to the ridge line?

    Or is there something else there?

    How do you guys hook your under quilt? And what was Jeff intending to be done?

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    Not sure about the guide you mentioned, but a lot of quilts use shock cord either attached to the 4 corners, or running through a sewn channel running along the sides and out the 4 corners, Then attach that cord to the ridgeline, or use one of those 'triangle thingies' which seem to work well. To adjust the head/foot ends, use another piece of shock cord and another sewn channel with a cord lock to cinch the quilts ends, and loosen to vent.

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    Here's a video of the Leighlo type suspension. He demo's the different types of suspensions. It's easier to see than to explain it. Hope this helps.

    Most use shock cord thru the channels with cord locks to tighten things up. I use a piece of shock cord with 2 mini biners on the ends of the UQ. See the picture below
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    Shug has a few videos that spell it out also. You'll learn some things and be entertained, both are good, right?

    I tried using thin cord to corners and found a sagging UQ which meant cold air leaking in and the dreaded CBS, even with cinches on the ends. I stitched in a channel along each side, ran shock cord through them and secured to the gathered end. It made a huge difference in comfort and I was toasty warm.
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