Hey folks, I was wondering if anybody from the Maryville, TN area or near could help me find some good places for an over nighter. I'm taking a neighbor's sister back home to Maryville on Saturday, and a friend and I thought it would be a great time to finally get to hang in the Smokies. We're on limited time and will probably only have a few hours Saturday afternoon to take a small hike and find a good backpacking camp site for the night.

What are the rules about camping along trails up there? Is it allowed to set up camp just about everywhere inside the forest area?

We don't really want to stay in a campground, but want to camp off/on a good trail somewhere, but we have no idea of where to start. So giving Abrams Creek Campgrounds as a reference point that we possibly could hike from. Would love it if any of you could help out some. I would like to stay on the Maryville side and maybe down as far as the Chilhowee Ranger Station.