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So I've been searching for a UQ for less than 150-ish and I just now hear about the Shamu! I have to wonder how many others are available out there at these prices.

I have looked at many forums here and even the comparison spreadsheets and the Shamu is on NONE of them...does anyone else have a suggestion for a less expensive UQ?
If you look at prices for.insulation and factor in time... 150 delivered is about as cheap as your going to get for full length... Your going to spend $60 at least on materials... And not to mention research time, and space taken up in your living room... Wifes annoyance because "your still not done yet, I want my room back"... I know we all want a good deal but at some point these guys have reached the balance of quality and cost... And although I haven't used my shamu yet(supposed to have it on or before 19) it appears to be.that balance...

But if you want cheapest go get a poncho liner for -$40 and sew it up or whatever .