Hi there! Medium-term lurker, first time poster, fully compliant with watching all of Shug's videos.

First and foremost, I can't believe how amazing all the information is in these forums. Thanks, everybody!

I'm from the Portland area, new to hammock camping. Not even sure where the bug to try it came from but I'm mighty excited to give it a go. Starting off simple with a HH Expedition Asym Zip with Eno Atlas straps (those standard HH straps seem way too small for Pacific Northwest trees)/carabiners/rappel rings. I'm already plotting when I can get my hands on a WBBB.

Heading into the Mt. Jefferson wilderness this weekend if the weather holds for my first hang. I'm an apartment dweller so it's been hard to really work out the kinks but I've been able to practice set up a bit. Not ready for an UQ yet (especially if I change over to the WBBB and get the full rig) so I'm planning on my Exped SynMat 7 pad. It's been great for tent camping but it's 26" wide - anybody try hanging with one of these? Would I have to let out so much air that it loses functionality? My other option is to borrow somebody's narrower Thermarest or grab some closed cell pads.

Thoughts? Thanks!