Glad we got a place nailed down! My wife and I will be there probably Friday afternoon through Sunday. We don't have any technically "cold weather" gear, so we'll just bring a butt-ton of blankets and stuff, we should be fine in the t**t. >.<!

How close are the sites to parking? Is there going to be any fee to be prepared for?

And just one final "inquisition" of sorts now that we're in the official thread: we will be bringing our two 40-50lb dogs unless anyone has something against the idea. They don't jump on people (maybe a TINY bit when first meeting people, but only rarely... they get very excited about new people, lol. But they're responsive to "DOWN!" and don't jump, ever, after a few seconds), and nobody has to worry about them stealing food; they're trained well enough to turn their heads even when offered. And they're silent unless spooked by something, like most any dogs. But if anyone isn't comfortable with them being there, I can figure something out.

I was already excited about this, but now the other half has authorized me to come home with a new hammock! Freaking score! October 5th can't come soon enough.