First of, I hope this is the right place for this post, and that it's not too redundant.

I've been spending the weekend researching which hammock to get, both here on the forum and the rest of the internet. I've decided that I want to go for either the Woodsman X or the Blackbird, (I'm in europe and these are both sold from the uk which makes it easier and cheaper).
Now there's no shortage of information and reviews on the Blackbird, but info on the Woodsman X is much more limited. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out with the differences between these two hammocks and the potential effects on my experience.

now for the actual questions:

1: "enclosedness"
I really don't know the word for this, but it seems to me that the major difference between the two, is that the blackbird has a higher edge, giving a more enclosed hammock.
i guess this gives better protection against the elements, and maybe a better lay or at least a more secure feeling (not lying on the "edge"). But it also seems to take away quite a bit of the view from inside the hammock. Is that the case, and if so is it worth it?

2: the footbox
I really like the idea of the adjustable footbox in the woodsman. But having never tried a hammock with any footbox, I'm not sure if it actually makes a difference or the blackbird design will conform to my shape anyway. And if the fact that there's less fabric is a problem.
In short: How much of a difference is there between the footboxes, or they just different paths to (more or less) the same result?

3: Size
I'm a fairly large guy, 6,2 and a bit over 200 pounds, which should be fine for both, but about 55 in around the shoulders, which I'm more worried about especially as I like to turn and move around quite a bit while sleeping. From what I've read the blackbird should be able to accomodate me, but does anyone have experience with the woodsman?

Finally I'm not really going to be using it till the spring, is there any reason to wait til then with the purchase (new models coming out or better pricing)?

Wow that ended up being a lot larger than planned -
Anyway I hope some of you guys can help me choose the right hammock for me. can't wait to get hanging!