I actually registered the 4th of this month and for some reason could'nt access this site to save my life after that for reasons I still can't figure out.Today I clicked on it and here I am. Anywayyy I got the hammock bug late last month from some of the survival and hiking sites that one might venture to.So with all the research on hammocks I'm gravitating to the Warbonnet.My mindset leans more to the prepper mentality.Fast and easy to setup,somewhat compact,etc.I usually like to go plinking up at the El Dorado Natl. Park.And theirs no issues regarding hammocks and trees so to speak.I'm only 10 minutes away from Chabot state park but they don't allow hammocks.In speaking with the ranger there I suggested to him to bring that issue up during their next meeting.I told him that the hammocks are basically more tree friendly so to speak and that theirs also a growing amount of hammock users.He said he would look into it.I'm recently retired and am planning to move to southern Idaho next spring.Their laws and property tax's in general are a lot more lax plus all the outdoors you have.Ham radio is also one of my interests and am looking forward to set up my portable antennaes and radios in the mountains. So with that said I'm glad to be part of this wonderful community.