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    I have a "quick " camp place as well..when the world bs level has gotten too high i grab my pack and canoe and go 5 miles from home to the choctawhatchee river...i put in ...kiss my wife( she is a great canoe wife) ...she goes and drops my jeep off at the take out is only a 5 hr run so i canoe slow enjoy he out what ever is bothering me..make a slash camp( hammock in trees beside sandbar) alittle.. i usually stop about a half mile above the take out point so in the am ..i am up and to the jeep in just a few home shower shave and back to the work does wonders for my stress level.. said they stake the wheels and use guy lines........why not turn the bike over and set it onthe handlebars/seat..then use the wheels as the ridgeline..would seem to be more stable to me..
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