Hi all,

I've been reading here for a while but not much posts as you can see . I made a gathered end hammock with whoopie slings, which I've been using on my 12 floor balcony pretty much every evening while reading Hyperion . However it started getting cold, so this weekend I made myself an Insultex Underquilt. Being my second sewing project (first one was the hammock), I'm happy with it. I think the smallest (top) layer is a little larger than it should be, because the quilt doesn't really "curve" as the ones I see on the photos, but a quick test few minutes ago was promising. Got that nice heat feeling on my back .

Here is some photo material from that:

As you can see, I still have to finish the suspension. I read about triangle thingies, will probably make a couple of them (any good guides?).

Now I'm working on a hex tarp with silnylon. I need to do the outer hem and reinforcements for the tie outs to have it finished.

Now the problem is, what do I do for top protection? We are mostly a tent couple (the other half doesn't want to sleep alone), so we have only one double bag, but I decided to start going in the woods solo, thus the hammock gear (you guys are great here!).

So here are the requirements.

Has to be cheap. The cost of that underquilt was really nice! (sub $50, I think). If I can stay within that amount it would be great.

Has to keep me alive. I have a full set of merino wool base layer (long johns, long sleeve top, socks) from minus33 (medium) which I will be using when it is cold out, and I don't plan to go out in the woods in sub 30F weather.

It would be nice, if it is light too, of course, but I can live with a bit heavier.

So what do you guys think, would my minus33 wool base layer + 3 layer IX top quilt (similar to the UQ) be enough to let me have a nice sleep outside in down to 30F weather? I usually don't need much insulation to sleep comfy and I don't sweat, so breathability is not a factor for me at all.

Anyway, I hate you guys for infecting me with the hammock/diy/sewing virus!
Keep it coming