I recently bought a Jarbidge UQ from AHE. It fits great on my ENO-DN, and needs no modifications for that.

But, I tried it a few weeks ago on my Hennessy Explorer Deluxe and it wasn't an ideal fit. I realize the fit issue related to the bottom entry can't easily be solved, and if I had wanted one designed for the Hennessy I would have gotten the Potomac UQ.

Anyhow, the real issue was that the shock cords seemed too short (at least on one end) to position the UQ (it's a 3/4) on the hammock. As it was, both ends of shock cord were stretched as far as possible to reach the suspension, and I wasn't about to perfectly center the quilt on my torso.

So, I just replaced the shock cord on one with with the same thing, but about a foot longer. I figure this should relax the tension on the quilt, and also allow me to position it better.

It seems pretty straightforward, but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions on this.

Also, if you've used this quilt with the Hennessy, would the "triangle thingies" be particularly useful? http://arrowheadequipment.webs.com/a...s/show/1633323

Or, are those addressing a different issue?

Thanks for any thoughts you have on this issue.