this is what will have for camping this weekend with my son at a Cubscouts event.

bias camper
gt tree sling
older run bmbh
rei lite core 1.5 3/4
alps self inflate 1.5 full
thermarest zrest
army for
several cheaper sleeping bags
2 30 degree bags
I am hoping my reflectix will be here (pif about a month ago)

my main questions are how can I mod my cheaper sleeping bags to fit as an underquilt?
can I use the gt to hold a sleeping bag under the bias?
I was planning on making a fronken bugnet but can't get my sewing machine to work.
I can think if things but I am unsure if the will hold up. I also don't mind putting holes in my cheap sleeping bags but I would prefer to make as few as possible and have it be in the right places.