I have been messin' with my Shamu IX underquilt since I got 'em. The problem, that has been well documented, is the gap under the feet of the hanger. IX doesn't 'bunch' like other things which is what causes this.

So I was sitting here on Hammock forums Sunday night when I had an epiphany... GRIP CLIPS!

Of course, I ran to the hammock room and started in with the grip clips; well, I had to find 'em first...

Here is the typical Grip Clip clipped through the hammock body holding the Shamu on.

Before Grip Clip...

After Grip Clip...

I also attached a grip clip at the shoulder to keep the underquilt from slipping off during the night. Happy Happy Joy Joy!
I used three grip clips, two on the foot end one on the shoulder.

Okay, so, this opens up a whole new realm for me. I have been thinking of a way to build an underquilt that is more biased for coverage; kind of an asym underquilt that has a little where it's needed (in the shoulder and feet) but less where it isn't. The difficulty has been in keeping the whole thing nice and tight to the hammock.

But not anymore!

Gotta play around with it some more, but it is already miles better than it was.