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    Hammocks Spectators via YouTube

    The stuff Folks will watch.......

    Amazing.......just realized that my YouTube Channel which is 90% hammock bits and bobs just reached 10,005 Subscribers)))))))
    I am always amazed that people would watch backpacking and hammock videos. Must truly be a lack of entertainment on TV and such.

    My intent has always been to just show the joy and fun of backpacking and not to necessarily try to convert others to the hammock life. If-so.....then so be it. But truly....getting folks to switch from tents to hammocks was never a goal. Backpacking with a hammock is just to much fun and makes me grin that I wanted to share that. Video was just a "lazy mans" Trip Report for me. Then the proverbial can-o-worms opened.

    Many (in my opinion) will explore hammocks and go back to tents or tarps or campers. We hammockers are a little bit different. Many talk of speed of set-up. a perfect situation that may be true. Many times it takes me longer as I search for the "perfect spot" back in the woods as opposed to the most convenient. Not a race for me. If a tenter is set-up prior to my find of "nightly nirvana" I sulk not.

    Hammocks.....sorta like Unicycles. Many will try one or buy one but will find that there is a bit more to it and may find that daunting and discouraging.
    Not sure if we will ever be the majority but we will be out there cradled in comfort and sitting up to put on our boots with a well rested body and a surge of energy for a fine days walk in the piney woods.

    All secure in sector seven,
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