Hey there HF! It's been a LOOOONG time since I've been on here. Been busy with life, but also have been busy with some fun outdoorsy stuff! Took a two month road trip out to California and back with some friends to go rock climbing. That was an adventure. Stories, pictures, and the like here! www.stefprez.tumblr.com

Anyways, I had my first backpacking trip back home in Michigan with a buddy in the Manistee National Forest (Lower Peninsula). Parked at Seaton Creek Campground, hiked south along the Manistee River Trail (10.6 miles) to the Red Bridge, and then up the North Country Trail for a bit until we set up camp for the night. The next morning, we finished up the NCT, crossed the suspension bridge at the northern end of the loop, and headed back to the car. Overall loop is supposedly about 23 miles. We made a wrong turn at one point, and also did some side exploring, so we were probably close to 25 miles overall. It was a lot of fun, and a beautiful trail! Here's some pictures!


All in all, though, I just want to thank everyone here at HF for making it such an amazing resource for all things hammocks. You guys really are the best, and even though I'm not on here much anymore, HF is always in my mind. Without you guys, I wouldn't be nearly as comfortable on that cold, uneven, unforgiving ground... Hehe. Peace and love!