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    Another Warbonnet Blackbird Review

    Firstly, Brandon, thanks for all the tips and suggestions...

    I took my newly aquired Blackbird (Double layer 1.7 od green) for her maiden voyage, a quick over nighter at Allens Creek on Lake Monroe, IN. Hung on hillside running 25' to the waters edge. Only in a hammock!

    The lay is amazingly flat. I thought I was flat in my other hammocks but I've now seen the light! (head and feet should be hung about even height IMO) I put my feet all the way down into the footbox and my left shoulder was just under the zipper. I slept on my back, left and right sides comfortably

    Foot/shoulder room is HUGE! I can put my arms back behind my head with NO restrictions.

    This is my first ridgeline and while I didn't orginally think I would like it, it helps me get a consistent hang. It is a great barometer of how your hammock is set up.

    The shelf ROCKS! I've always missed having certain gear accessible at night. I was able to take additional clothes and stash them in the shelf (in case the temp required them). You can put your water bottle up there...mp3, watch, glasses, book, packtowel. It really is one of the best features.

    I love the olive color.


    Really, only one.
    Because of the width of the hammock, I really struggled with 1. Placement of my gossmear gear CCF pads. I (there is so much room in between the layers that I had to adjust, adjust, adjust). 2. Even once I placed the pads correctly (I was using 2 - a 1/8" thick, 32" wide base with a second 3/8" thick, 19" wide on top of the base) I always had an elbow unprotected and touching the side. I have used the 32" wide pad in a HH and a Claytor and never came close to needing more coverage. I have pretty broad shoulders but nowhere near that wide. I checked and rechecked to make sure the pad hadn't somehow "folded" over and reduced its coverage but it was fine. I was never cold (45 deg) but annoyed would be a better description.

    I really don't have a guess on the problem. 32" wide coverage should be the same in a 48" wide hammock or a 60" wide. Maybe the asym lay changes how the pad "fits". I'm really grasping for ideas...
    I plan on using this hammock as my primary during this winter, so I better get a handle real soon. Would an UQ give better coverage? IF so, how wide should the UQ be? I might to to modify my DIY TQ and use that with the 3/8" thick pad...

    Overall, awesome craftsmanship, support and design on this hammock. Once I nail down the insulation issue, this will be a out-of-the-park grandslam!

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