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    Picked up 2 Byer Moskito Travellers, what to hang them with?

    My only Hammock experience has been with a Hennessey, where everything is included, tree straps an all.

    Well, I picked up 2 Byer Moskitos at the REI Sale this weekend (28 bucks for both!)

    What would be the best, simplest method of attaching those to trees while camping? Eno Slap Straps + a carabiner? (Also, something that I can get shipped and to me by next friday...)

    It will be my 6 year old kids sleeping in each of these, so I'm not concerned about weight being a problem.

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    Maybe a 4-pack of straps from Harbor Freight. These hammocks just have an eyelet in each end, right??

    Maybe something quick and dirty like this:

    Loop the fixed end around the tree and hook the adjustable one to the hammock (or whichever way works for you). Once you find some suspension you like better then you'll still have a set of tie down straps to use for something else.

    You might have to loop of string or something to keep the hook secured when there's no weight in the hammock. Other than that....should work just fine.

    If you're worried about the hooks and buckles, remove the hook and feed the free end back through that loop to attach the strap to the tree. Put a marlin spike hitch in each strap using a stick you find on the ground. Loop the hammock eyelet over each knot and you're done. It's not very adjustable but easy, secure, and cheap.

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    That works great. I have to pick up a good tarp for them also, so I was planning to go by HF anyway.

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