ok so i thought by watching videos and reading here i would know how to use my brand new top quilt..but alas like with everything else here i have to learn thru experience i guess. so i got my new revelation x and its rated at twenty degrees, knowing its no where near that when i went to sleep last night, I think I should have vented to begin with..but it was so nice and warm..
Anyway, I woke up five hours later sweating and worse yet it seemed that i had condensation on the outside of the quilt.. Is this normal? was I so hot that in fact I caused the outside of my quilt to condensate? I also use a 3/4 uq thats rated about twenty also.. it did get down to about 45 or so for what that is worth..I was so excited and it worked wonderfully perhaps too wonderfully..I am just trying to get the hang of this lol thanks