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    Enlightened Equipment Revelation X Top Quilt

    Pictures will be coming soon, but wanted to get the meat and potatoes on here. This review will be on my particular top quilt. It is an olive brown/olive green, 30 degree overstuffed, 6 foot regular width top quilt. You can find this model quilt here:

    First Impressions
    The Revelation X is cheaper than the Revelation because it uses factory seconds. First thing I did was look over the quilt to see if any of the material was compromised, and I haven't been able to find anything. The olive green color in particular is quite nice. The quilt is reversible, so if you end up liking one side over the other, not a problem. The material is very soft and comfortable. It doesn't come with a stuff sack, but I had plenty lying around. The quilt packs down to a very small size (about the size of a 1L Nalgene bottle). It also seems much lighter than my poncho liner top quilt. The quilt also comes with several lengths of shock cord with mini cord locks to attach to loops on the edge of the quilt. This appears to be to hold the torso area of the quilt around you. These loops on the edge of the quilt also serve as attachment points in order to use the top quilt as an underquilt. I have not had a chance to test this, but I believe it would do very well in this application.

    Field Test
    Got out this weekend for a quick overnight to test this, as well as a bunch of other gear. Coverage and loft on this quilt is fantastic. The EE website says the slim size is good for hammocks and skinny people on the ground, where the regular size is good for regular people on the ground. I'd say that statement is largely true. I'm 5'9", 185 lbs and in the hammock, I might actually have been better served by the slim size. But I like versatility and if I ever go somewhere without trees, I can use this for tarp camping. In a hammock, this poses a pro and a con. Pro: I don't have to adjust the down much between the baffles because it all kinda piles on top of me anyway. Con: It's harder to adjust the down away from certain areas that are prone to overheating.

    The temperature got down to 45* last night. At first, I was wearing a pair of chunky polyester socks, shorts, t-shirt, and a synthetic insulation jacket (REI Revelcloud, which is similar to the Patagonia Nano Puff). I had a Gossamer Gear 1/8" pad in the footbox. In the middle of the night, I started overheating and ditched the jacket and my socks. I was still really warm and should have vented the quilt. But I'd say that, without having to wear too much insulation, the 30 degree rating on this quilt is conservative. I'm not a particularly warm sleeper.

    In the morning, there was some condensation on the foot end. I was able to air dry it while I cooked breakfast. I think it had something to do with the pad, so next time, I'll see if moving the pad to underneath one of the layers of my WBBB alleviates the problem.

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    Thanks for the review keep us updated.

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    I've had my Revelation X 20* since early this summer, great piece of gear and no regrets on this purchase
    see you on the trail,


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    This was the quilt that I was thinking of getting, thanks for the review, do you still like it?

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    I first bought the 0 degree Rev X when they were first introduced. Liked it so much I got a 30 degree Rev X earlier this year (both are Longs)

    As you said, the material is factory 2nds, but I can not find any flaws in the fabric of either of mine.
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    I love mine, i have the *20 top quilt, and just got his summer blanket as he calls it and its beautiful, has kept me warm down to *50 easy
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