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    foot pad

    Hi I have just ordered a 3/4 UQ which is 50 inches long and would like some recommendations for a foot pad. I currently use a thermarest which I am very comfortable with so I am keen on a pad with a similar feel that will hold it's shape and spread the hammock. I think a thermarest seat pad will be too small ?? I am about 6ft any ideas?

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    Since you like your TR pad, I recommend adding a 1/8" CCF pad to fill the gaps. It will be light and the TR will cover the area where your heels rest, which is usually the "heaviest" part for me.

    Otherwise, just use a 3/8" CCF cheapo cut to size - if you only want one pad.
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    Since I use a pad for my packs frame (frameless pack) I use this for my sit pad/underfoot pad/leg pad/extra insulation pad/unfortunate ground sleeping pad!

    The pad is a torso size Z-Rest....
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    I cut up a piece of blue Wally world CCF into 4" x 20" strips. I made 4 strips.

    I sewed up a nylon pocket to hold the strips, each in its individual sleeve. I also left enough slack in the seams so I could fold it over 4 times to pack it.

    In the hammock, I run the seams parallel to my legs so it curls up nicely under my feet.

    When used as a foot pad/sit pad, it is 16+" x 20". Folded up, it is 4x20x2"

    I saw a folding pad from Montbell that gave me the idea. Mine has 4 channels and 4 pieces of CCF.

    Mine could be smaller but Im not a gram weenie and its not worth doin over.

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