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    Two nights on the AT w/ new friends

    So I had a great weekend on the trail testing my new WBBB 1.7 DL/Superfly and my new Hammock Gear 20* UQ. We started at Pen Mar park and hiked south to the Cowall shelter. While everyone else was setting up their tents, I was busy setting up my hammock. I got a few weird looks but by the time I was done I had lots of explaining to do. None of the folks I was hiking with had ever thought of backpacking with a hammock and I loved hearing them complain about crappy they slept due to the slope, name it.

    Meanwhile....I slept pretty good the first night. I had a few issues with the UQ moving around (I still need to figure a way to stop that) while I tossed and turned trying to find that perfect spot to sleep in. I'm sure I would have fallen asleep earlier if it hadn't been for the road noise, noisy owl or the Boy Scout troop roaming around at 4 am. I don't have a TQ yet (it'll be a HG 20* too) so I used one of my sleeping bags and I was warm until the UQ slipped one way or the other.

    The second night was way better and there was another Hammock Forum member testing their hammock out too. Even though the night was colder, I managed to stay warm and slept most of the night with no issues. I love my hammock, tarp and UQ, I don't think I could have done any better for the first trip.
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