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    help with hammock selection

    New to the hammock world... My bad back is pushing me to the trees. Anyway, I'm 6'0", 185#, backpack in the Southern Appalachians. Like to sleep on my back or side. I sometimes like to bend the hips/knees (not totally fetal position, but about a 90 degree bend a the hip). Trying to sort out if I'd be more comfortable in the RR or the WBBB. I've napped in an ENO double nest, and it seemed that the sides wanted to close in around me (understanding that this was an extra wide hammock). It was a hot, humid summer day, and seemed even hotter when nested in the hammock.

    My concerns:
    Looking for stability- don't want a tipsy feel.

    Don't want to be "closed in" by the side walls.

    I understand the concerns about staying warm at night, but we have some hot summer nights in the southeast. Is one of these more open and better ventilated?

    Want to be able to lie on back or on either side with hips/knees bent.

    Thanks in advance for any input. I recognize that some of these issues have been addressed before, but wanted to get any other insight before making the final decision.

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    Ive used and owned both and I think you would be happier in the RR. The only thing you may find uncomfortable in the RR is bending your leg(s) while on your side. But, maybe it wont be an issue. In a bed I like to have my legs bent as well, but in a hammock Im either on my back or on my side with my legs extended. Stability is not an issue with the RR.

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    I completely agree with opie.

    I'm more comfortable on my side (or any other position) in the RR even though it's narrow in the middle so your knee goes over the edge when at a full 90* bend. It's also has a much more open feel to high sidewalls to block the breeze or views.

    The RR might feel a bit tipsy compared the the BB but in reality it is very stable. You'd have to work at it to have any problem.

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    I don't think you'll be going wrong with either, but probably should angle towards the RR as stated above.

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