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    Hennessey SuperShelter and OverCover

    Hennessey SuperShelter and OverCover are on "Selling Used Gear" at Whiteblaze.......Not mine but I spotted it and thought you guys and gals might be interested....

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    You called?

    Mixinmaster is DA MAN, promoting my supershelter for me.

    So just to repost here, it's a near virgin supershelter and overcover, taken out twice in the backyard. I have the 2 ended stuff sack, foam pad, overcover and undercover.

    The shock chord on both ends of the undercover stripped its sheath when I sat down on the hammock (it was tensioned for the fly) so I replaced it with MUCH beefier REI shock chord, cut to OEM length.

    These sell for $130 and $30 so I'll sell the entire kit for $120, shipped! paypal and communications at

    crowd: Wow pete, what a deal!
    pete: That's right

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    The overcover is now gone. Drops the rest down to $100 shipped!

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    What size hammock is this for?

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    This is for the hyperlight backpacker but it should work for the regular backpacker, scout, explorer ultralight and desert rat...any of the 100 inchers.

    I suspect it would work on the others too, you would just have a bit of fabric poking out one end.

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    I also put my hyperlight up for sale.

    Guess hanging is not my thing!

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    Sold! Have fun hanging folks!

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