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    Quote Originally Posted by hammock engineer View Post
    Ask away, that is why we are here.

    The whipping hold the hammock shape on the ends and stops the rope from going off of the end. A knot would do the same thing. A knot is simple and basically fool proof. The knot is just 1 half hitch.

    The advantage to whipping the end is that you can easily undo it and redo it later. After a few minutes to a few hours it is hard to undo a knot.
    A small difference of opinion here - the whipping isn't really intended to stop the support rope from sliding off the end. The bulk of the hems/knot in the end of the body material does that. The whipping is really only there to keep the ends gathered the way you want them while there's no tension on the support. I've hung several times (while adjusting the tension on my hammock body edges) with no whipping at all.

    As for the wire ties, they work well. One by itself tends to let the edges slip though, so I double over the 'pulled corners' and add another tie just behind the first one. This locks off the corners and keeps the edges taut.

    I've used ties on two sub-freezing trips now with no problems at all. If set up properly, the ties (or whipping) don't take any pressure, so there's not much of a durability issue.

    As far as getting them good and tight, you can get a wire tie gun ( ~ $10 at Walmart) or do what I do and just use a pair of needlenose pliers. Once you have the tie hand-tight, use the tip of the pliers and twist, which will let you tighten them another 5-6 'clicks'.
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    I'll give you that. I haven't tried it without whipping or a knot.
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    Echo exactly what blackbishop said. For me, the whipping just keeps the hammock gathered like I want it. The supports don't slip at all, and I'd feel comfortable hanging in my hammock without any whipping, knots, or anything else on the hammock material...just the larkshead from my supports.

    I use whatever cord I have laying around for my whipping...usually 550 cord, but a shoestring would work just as well.

    I've also used zipties on sub-freezing trips with no problems. I used needle-nosed pliers to tighten the ziptie and the hammock material hasn't slipped through. Hasn't been a problem yet.

    Zipties are very convenient, but they're obviously not field repairable. On any trip, I carry extra cord in my repair kit anyway...any problems with the ziptie and I'd just repair it with a whipping. That's where a little knowledge goes a long way. Be sure you know how to whip before you leave no matter which method you use...even whipping may need to be redone in the field.
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