I bought some Spinn and asked 2Q and ZQ about turning the fabric in to a set of Grizz Beaks. Their quality is nothing short of outstanding but since I have a MacCat Standard for fair weather (and am getting better at setting it up for foul weather) and a WBBB Superfly less-than-perfect conditions, it's time to let these go.

** Please note that Donna - ZQ - suggested not using Spinn for Grizz Beaks because the fabric is loud. I've only used these for one trip and the noise was nothing out of the ordinary. If you experience more robust wind, you will notice these.**

2QZQ sells them for $45 for one end and $85 for both ends so let's go with $35 shipped for one end and $65 shipped for both. Paypal preferred. Thanks!

For more information see this: