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    FS: Z-Packs Blast 30 with belt pouches- SOLD

    Z-Packs Cuben Fiber Blast 30, Olive Drab, 3000 ci, 9oz.
    new this summer, used for about 60 miles total, perfect condition. (bottom looks brand new!)
    belt pouches are black and add 2 liters of storage total and 1.5 ounces in weight

    Standard torso length and hip belts, but with larger sternum strap
    (I am 6'0, 190 lbs- fits great)
    this as you know is an outstanding pack, I do not anticipate hiking very long distances again and this should go to someone that the extra weight savings is meaningful.
    I had this loaded with up to 24lbs including water and it is very comfortable to carry.

    MSRP $233 plus shipping and wait time
    yours for $200 shipped in lower 48, anyone else we will settle on some shipping.


    pack sold please thread closed
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