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my head is spinning much like the children doing rolls in jiblets 'spinning cocoon' thread.

I've been reading here for a long time, looked at reviews and spreadsheets, looked at more manufacturers' sites than i can count and i'm still confused.

Here's the important personal stuff:

5' tall, weight definitely under all manufacturers weight limits (yes i'm female and no i don't tell anyone my weight)...

So length of hammock and weight limits are not a concern.

Side sleeper - actually i do more this side, that side, on my back, try another side sleeping than anything else.

Don't like to feel confined at all so i want height/space between me and bug net and don't want to feel like i'm in a cocoon in the hammock.

What i do know i want:

Side entry
removeable bug net
separate ridge line for fly.
No integrated fly - i know what i want for that.

Not sure if i want a pad in a pocket (know i don't want it in the hammock with me) or whether i'd be happiest with an uq (or both if needed for cold weather).

Budget is not a major concern, i'd rather spend the money once wisely than have to keep upgrading.

Weight is somewhat of a concern because i have to carry it but i have no intention of going ul, i want comfort over anything else.

And yes, i know it's going to have to come in from the us, shipping is not a problem unless the vendor won't ship across the white line on the map.

if you were me, what would you be buying?
bias hammocks.