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Thread: Finally Happy

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    Finally Happy

    I received my 72' wide BIAS hammock today and I can say that it is the most comfortable hammock I have, and by now, not being an expert or a guru, I have 4 different hammocks including an ENO DN, a WB Traveler and two BIAS hammocks one camper and this new wider BIAS.

    The new width allows you to move freely and lay on a diagonal much more easier. The fabric is light weight and I really believe that this combination of length/width will help reduce calf pressure specially in my case were height/weight was an issue. I noticed that even at 72" wide the sides are not floppy to where they fall in your face..there is just so much room. I will be listing my Traveler for sale on the For sale section soon after I reach my 50 posts.

    Thanks to Brian (BIAS)for fulfilling my request for a wider hammock.


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    Whoop whoop!
    At 72" I could lay sideways! Just Barely!

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