On a recent overnight trip, I started getting ready for bed and by the time I was in my hammock, I was dripping with sweat (I was not hot when I started). This time of year, I strip off to my underwear before getting in. After a while, I had cooled off enough to pull up a poncho liner I had brought with me. That worked well, but in the middle of the night, I got pretty chilly (I think it got down into the 60s) and it woke me up. I was able to tuck the liner up under myself enough to be mostly comfortable, but to be honest, I didn't sleep that well.

How do you deal with the problem of going from uncomfortably hot to uncomfortably cold, preferably without waking up?

Also, stripping off is fine when I am by myself, but it's not something I want to inflict on, say, my son's cub scout troop.