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    Has anyone ever calculated the minimum load bearing requirements for the different elements in a support system? It may be a moot point to keep bashing about the load bearing ability of one thing or another if we don't know what standard we need to meet or exceed.
    i think the "hitchcraft for hammock" thread figured out that there is load equal to your bodyweight on each support at a 30 degree sag angle, and figured out how to tell what it increased to at lower angles.

    polyester webbing does stretch, and using webbing of lower break strength will result in more stretch. people have sucesfully used 800# webbing i believe without failure. i personally have tested polyester webbing from 1200-3500# and found the owf camo poly webbing (2000#) to be the best combo of low weight, and low stetch.

    as far as how much strength you need, it depends on how heavy you are and the sag angle you use, this is influenced by weather or not you use a ridgeline and how tight you crank it. i would say you should be fine with any webbing rated to over 1000#, but like i said, weaker webbing will stretch more, if low stretch is important to you, use a stronger webbing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    the owf camo poly webbing (2000#) to be the best combo of low weight, and low stetch.
    For what it's worth, I just ordered some of the owf camo webbing, and they quoted me 3,200 lbf breaking strength on it. They also said they are running out of this webbing and are looking to replace it with a 3,500 lbf breaking strength webbing.

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    I am bringing this older thread up for us newbies. It had some good info on the first few pages concerning definitions of work load and rated capacity terms.

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    thanks for the bump! i had thought that ratchet straps would work, and i got a pair of black 14' 1000 lb straps at wally world i forget how much but it was under $20...i also got a pair from big lots for $6 but they were 6' and 300lb straps. i am 300 lbs so i decided to trade up...the canoe and kayaks get extra straps!

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    I just received 300 feet of 1" black polyester webbing (rated at 1500 lbs) from this site. Price was $25 for 300 feet (that is 8.3 cents per foot), and with shipping was to Georgia was $35.15 (11.7 cents per foot):

    I'll be testing it this weekend so can report whether it stretches or shows other issues. So far in my 5 or so hours of hanging it seems sturdy with low stretch.
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    Can anyone tell me what the difference in buying ratchet straps or polyester webbing from ahe is?

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    I've been using ratchet straps for years for this application. 900 pound breaking strength with 300 pound working strength.
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    thank you for you thread. i dont know why i didnt think of harbour freight it is my favorite stop for most things. last weekend i made my first hammock and none of my ropes where suitable. i just went to harbour freight and picked up what i hope will work. and hopefully a ridge line got out of there for less than $5

    p.s. i am probably going back to get

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