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    Be sure and thank the Vendors

    I won a White Mt Hammock at a recent hang and when I got home I sent an email thanking them for donating the hammock. I got the following reply back..

    Out of all the hammocks I gave away on the HF; only
    two have e-mailed me with a thanks. You, and a guy from Switzerland.
    It got me thinking, how many of us actually take the time to thank the hard working vendors who donated stuff for the many hangs all over the country and world. If we don't; they may decide not to donate in the future.

    I try and send an email or post on the forum a thank you to the vendor anytime I win something to let them know that their donation was appreciated.

    My point you win something at a group hang raffle, take the time to contact the vendor and let them know you won the item and thank them for it. I guarantee it will make their day.
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