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    Sleeping Bag Leaking Down

    No matter the brand or price, I would expect any bag to leak a little down. But at what point do you get concerned?

    I have a Marmot Never Winter (30) and it's really pumping out the feathers still after a year. I probably used it a few nights on the ground and 20 or so times in the hammock. Never washed, properly stored in the large storage sack. I may give them a call to see what they say.
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    I just got my son a down bag for his scouts campout.

    when I picked him up he went red in the face and told me he ripped the bag
    he said every morning there were feathers in the tent.

    when we got home found out it was just the natural feather loss of a new bag.

    If its a few feather here and there - I wouldn't worry too much - both my down jackets loose several feathers every time I wear them.

    I figure with a down - you can lose what looks like lots of insulation - but won't lose much loft for a long time

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    I'm definitely thinking synthetic for my band of BSA types. I've seen kids ruin very expensive gear due to inattention, carelessness, or just plain didn't know any better. Like the kid who decided he wanted to sleep out by the fire, and then managed to roll his foot end into it while sleeping. Lucky that one didn't turn out dangerous. Just a very expensive sleeping bag ruined and lots of floaty, fluffy things all around the campsite.

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    This happens to my gear too. I have a sleeping bag from WWII that keeps me nice and toasty in the winter, but it's leaking from several places. I'd like to sew on some patches but I'm not sure that would help very much, plus I'd have to do it all by hand...

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    Are you loosing feathers? Or clusters?

    Each bag is filled with a percentage of down clusters and feathers! It's the clusters that give you the most loft/warmth, the feathers also provide some, but not as much! Some bags have feathers with a hard quill and some with a softer one, most times its the harder ones that poke through, which if you are loosing those its no real big loss!

    Most bags are made with a small percentage of overfill (to counteract loss during the stuffing process)! Some have more than others though, as well as some overfill as there is no actual warmth/loft standard for the bigger companies, unless they pay for the UN testing and most aren't willing to do that so they copy what others are doing and add a little extra.

    This is just how I understand it from the light reading I have done, I could very well be totally wrong...

    I would say if you are concerned that the bag is loosing more than it should then I would contact the manufacturer.
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    So if it's feathers poking through and leaking out does that mean that the FP goes up every time one escapes?

    Glad to hear that it's not just my DIY that does this, I was starting to get worried.

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