The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165 mile trail (which is currently extended to 170 due to a detour) which circles Lake Tahoe. I've pretty much decided that this will be my first extended thru hike since it's just 80 miles from my house and it can be done in under 2 weeks.

So I'm wondering if anyone here has done this trail? If so what time of year did you do it? One of the big issues for decided what time of year to do this trail is that I want to fit it after the snow melt (which can be as late as June in some spots but can, on a heavy year, extend into August) and before the fire restrictions go into effect (which is usually some time in July but often as early as June).

The reason for the fire restriction limit is that I'd like to use a wood stove like the TATO Element so I can reduce fuel weight. But once the fire restrictions are in effect there are no campfires or BBQs allowed. I'm pretty sure that will include a wood fire stove.

If I push the date out to September or October I'll have reasonable weather, no bugs, but I'll have to carry fuel which still may not be too heavy. I'm just trying to think ahead.

Also, from all the photos I've seen and from the hiking I've done in the area there doesn't seem to be any problem finding trees to hang from. There will be some areas above the tree line and at least one 10,000' peak. As long as you can hike down into the tree line before dark it should be fine.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this trail?