I'm about ready to purchase an Underquilt, but need to an answer to the $50 question. 3/4 or full UQ? I live in Florida and only rarely do I encounter temps below 40F. I am currently happy with using my windshield thermo screen as an UQ, but I'm thinking about a military poncho liner as an UQ or Closed Cell Foam pad with an Extender. However, I don't want the weight of poncho liner.
Since temps can and will be below 30F from November until mid-March in North Central and Panhandle Florida I've started considering a down UQ. And I eventually plan on trips to the Southern Appalachians, New England and maybe even the Great Lakes in the fall or early spring. My question is should I invest in a 3/4 or full UQ? If I decide on a 3/4 quilt, how do I keep the lower 1/4 warm?