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    Great work on the UQ! I have had a down mummy bag for years (TQ) and I just got one of these which says it's good to +15 if you are in it :} Hopefully that means it will be warmer doubled up under me. Ya think? Love the shock cord idea, now I gotta go to ebay and get some.
    Who woulda thought, a bubba bag.
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    DIY UQ and UGQ TQ
    whoopie slings


    Quote Originally Posted by Ratdog View Post
    Step 2
    Cut up four lengths of that apparently useless 550 cord that apparently must be replaced by amsteel, dyneema, zing lash something cause 550 is stretchy and under rated for counter balanced shearing forces of the inverse square of the hypotenused hanging triagnomic gravitational load constant function required when erecting any and all horizontally suspended human support mechanisms.
    I'm glad to see SOMEONE has been paying attention in school!!!

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