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    Are there two HH Survivor sizes?

    While looking at HH options, I see they usually have a #1 and #2 size option - with the #2 usually specified for the Survivor, Explorer, etc.

    For the Undercover, the site says, Survivor (XL). That makes me think the regular (#1) undercover might work with the regular Survivor and the #2 undercover is for an "XL" size. But I don't see any "XL" size option when ordering the survivor.

    I'm sure a call the Hennessy would clear this up but I have a #1 undercover with an expedition and I'm wondering if anyone has tried that with the regular Survivor. I won't be putting a quilt in it - just a foam or thermarest pad.

    Thank you,

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    Looking at the current website, both Survivor hammocks (woodland or univeral camo) are "seven footers" which require the # 2.

    Who would ever believe that some of the information on the internet is inaccurate?

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