Inside outside, leave me alone
inside outside, nowhere is home
inside outside, where have i been?
Outta my brain, hangin the hammock again... /The Who (yes there is a Quadrophenia Tour 2012/13)

apologies to Pete, Roger, John and Kieth

Hanging my ENO Guardian Net is a must here in the swamp but what I am wondering is, UnderQuilt, or in my case DIY sleeping bag conversion, inside or outside of the bug net? Gotta get these skeeters to leave me alone...

Right now I have it setup inside so I can adjust it but are there any reasons to maybe have it on the outside of the netting?

Immediate feedback will be applied asap as I am writing this whilst resting in the hammock outside, in the dark, with the net, as the night creatures begin to sing, chirp,grunt, screech and otherwise make a racket.