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    New Warbonnet

    I could have stayed in the cabin but what fun
    would that be. temps where down to 32 last night
    and was toasty warm

    Pictures of the hammock covered and there are
    some pictures of the Blackbird in my gallery

    well I had three days of staying in the blackbird
    and it is real hard to say which one I like better
    the Clark or the Blackbird I like them for different reasons.
    They both have there selling points. Both are very very comfortable
    both have handy places to store things. Both are warm
    although I have not had a chance to put the Blackbird
    in real cold weather.

    I ordered the UQ as well and as of today I need to work on how that its suppose to connect everytime I put it on several times but seem to have a biggap on both ends and not real sure I am going to fix it but
    I will.

    After hanging with it on there I can see how people like
    the full length UQ's and maybe some time next year I will spring
    for one unless I find one cheap on here but I dont see that happeing
    any how I am pleased as can be with the Warbonnet Blackbird and tarp oh
    I forgot to talk about the tarp WOW what a tarp when I woke up this morning I found that it is such a pleaseing color between the bug net and the tarp it was very nice to wake up too. I did'nt notice it the other day's because the weather was poor.

    It is a hand full to put up in the wind though I had a friend help me get it put up to keep it from blowing around. I am sure I could have done it myself in the wind but there would have been some fowl words being used.

    So all in all I think the craftsman's ship is outstanding on every piece and the customer service is top notch I will say this again that is why I by from cottage owners first. Very top notch.
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