Finally photos!

Just put up some photos from my first ever hammock camping trip. We went to Lee Creek Montana a couple months ago. Nice little spot in the woods for my Clark NX-150. I use the All-In-One whoopie slings system from Stu and a Vertex camo fly.

Also, got the pop-up "pup" tent for my dog. If anyone car camps, this pop-up dog tent is the way to go. One motion to pop it up and takes about 10 seconds to take down. Stores in a carry sack about the size of a small folding camp chair. Not that Loki was happy about sleeping in a tent. Now that I have a hammock I don't blame her for not liking her tent. LOL!

The photos are in my gallery. Couldn't figure out how to attach them to this post, or even if that is allowed.